$20 for $40 Newegg gift card, Tomorrow 11/28 only!! @ googleoffers

Newegg has been destroyed by this coupon. I wonder how long until they are back online.
I find my self to be severely tempted by the 8gb of G.Skill Ripjaws for $29.99. 16gb for $59.98 - $20 = $39.98 which seems like a seriously nice price. Gah, I already have 8gb and I don't even use that.
I got 4. I only intended to buy 1 but the Slickdeals people made it so compelling that I felt like I'd be stupid not to get 4. Now I don't even know what to buy!

I also got four.

I bought a Vertex 3 120GB SSD. Using the NEWCUSTOMER10 code, got it for $80 in GC's with a $20 rebate.
Its not like you have to buy something now.. You got 3 months to use it. Plenty of holiday deals to come for Christmas im sure.
They have a good price on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 OEM. I wonder if that would be something good to turn around and sell...
If anyone else has some extras, Ill take as many as I can get.
I wish the email Google Offers sent to me came BEFORE it was sold out! I was in class :(
Maybe someone can share their experience trying to stack them, or something along those lines.

? They currently stack, yes.

I heard for someone who talked with a newegg rep that they stated they would be canceling any orders with multiple used. Who knows if that is true though.
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well shit i only bought one buty how can i know they stack someone said id have to use another newegg account or something anyone use more then one before i start buying like 5
doesnt that meamn ur gift code s invalid though i havent used mine dont know what to buy yetl ol
Just got mine voided. Used newcustomer10 code and 4 GC's.

Will try a different scheme later..

I told you guys.. Heh. Someone had talked to a newegg rep early on and they said they would be canceling orders with them.

That is a shame though as I bought 3 of them. Was hoping to use 2 for one order on something, then use the third on some memory.

I may have one for sale perhaps if someone wanted if they arnt going to allow stacking.
Many people from Slickdeals bought more than 40. You guys could try there if you would like to get a code or 2!
I just got one when it was posted this afternoon. I hate that people have to ruin it for everybody else.