2 x G34 Opterons and 16GB DDR3 Ecc Reg memory.

Dec 13, 2003
I have two 12 core (2.0 Ghz) ES Opteron G34 CPU's ZS202045TCG43. Clocked to 3.0GHz easily with turionpowercontrol on Supermicro H8DG6-F.

16GB DDR3 ECC Reg. 1333MHz memory. (Kingston 8 sticks x 2 gig each). KTHPL313/2G 1.5v.

$100 o.b.r.o for both shipped. Payment by Bitcoin/Paycoin or some other crypto currency and of course, Paypal.

Reasons for selling...upgraded to 16 core CPUs and 4GB dimms.

Heatware upon request.
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