2 X 30/32" vs 2 X 27" dual monitor set up

Nov 28, 2020
Would love to hear some feedback.... is dual 30" monitor for home office too big? or is dual 27" better suitable?
There is no objective way to answer this.

If you want something like that - just go for the really big, but single screen solution of the LG CX 48" (I'm guessing that's correct - its the one that is always at the top of this subforum)
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I thought 3x27" was a bit too wide, but I really like my current setup with a 43" 4k center screen and a 24" 1920x1200 in portrait mode as a side screen. I'd add another 24" on the other side, but my work laptop is hogging the spot where it would go plus my crusty old work laptop can't handle 3 external displays unless maybe I get a USB adapter for it. With 3x 27" it was basically the outer third of the side screens that involved turning my head a little too far. That was a surround gaming setup. Pretty cool at the time and Skyrim in surround was awesome, but I think ultrawide monitors made it obsolete for gaming.

As far as 2x 27", 2x30" or 2x32" goes, are you ok with not having one screen right in front of you? I like having a middle screen that's centered in front of me. Preferably a big middle screen. I think 2x32 would be fine if you don't mind having bezels in the middle, but I would mind.
I just sold one of my 32" monitors so I could downsize to either a 34" UW, 49" SUW or 27" x2.

Vertically a 32" screen is great. I love having the extra height on the screen, but 2 32" monitors is gonna be over 56" wide. With bezels included, my two monitors were 58" wide when touching each other
I'm using 3x 28inch horizontally and I absolutely love it. Honestly wish my desk was a little wider so I could fit more.
Personal preference really, but I too would think 2x30/32 is too wide. If you want/need dual (for price or other reasons), go for 2x27". I prefer single monitors though and consider a 32" 4k almost perfect for this (vertical size and res is perfect), maybe a bit more horizontal space would be desired, which you can also get now with the 38" ultrawides available from lg/dell/etc.
You get used to whatever setup you have. You can always put the 30-32" displays a little bit further away than 2x27". If you are planning to go for 4K, then definitely go for 2x32" ones. More desktop space, less scaling needed.