2 different connection on same PC?


Aug 31, 2003
Ok here's the deal guys. I live in a college dorm.We have (2) ways to connect to the internet.

(1) Local area connection : about 300KB/sec , no download limit, not monitored [Static IP]
(2) WAN Miniport PPPOE , about 90KB/sec (connecting using a username/password) so they can monitor our download/upload. [Static IP]

Both connections have a different IP address. I was wondering if it is possible to 'use' both at the same. Let me try to explain:

I download a lot of stuff from Rapidshare and other HTTP filehosting services and since I don't have a premium account, once my limit is reached, I have to disconnect and connect to the other connection so I can get more 'free' download. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Lets say I download a big file on Rapidshare using my Local area connection and I don't want to wait my download to be over to disconnect and connect to my PPPOE account.

Is it possible to download files at the same time using different connections? (not talking about proxy here...)
Using a virtual box maybe or?

Sorry English isn't my main language, I'm having a hard time to describe what I mean ehe.


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Jul 3, 2004
i think you can do this, but i think this question is against the rules anyway
Oct 28, 2004
If you know that you are always going to download off the same subnet of rapidshare systems, you could have a routing table that basically looked like: via gw LAN_gw
default via gw WLAN_gw

Not super pretty, but would work. If theres a lot of subnets/ips for rapidshare it might not work out so well.


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Dec 15, 2005
You might want to hit up your IT department first to ask if what you're planning to do is against university/college policy.

Another plan would be is to pick up a cheap/spare PC and use that to download from the 2nd connection.

Though the 2nd cheapest option, first being able to use both connections on the same PC, would be paying for Premium account. It's only $10 for one month. But before you do buy an account, make a list of all the links to all of the files you want first. That way, you won't waste your $10 by spending time looking for files to download when you could be using that time to download. Just copy,paste, and download and you're done.