2.2ghz A64 oc to 2.4ghz A64 a sure thing?


Limp Gawd
Apr 26, 2003
Trying to get a feel how probable this would be. I'll be buying (mushkin) DDR3500 ram, and its a less than 10% overclock but I'm only going to be using air cooling (either the retail 3400+ hs/f or a zalman 7000 AlCu).

Also would a less than 10% overclock be havoc on an unlocked pci/agp bus (ie shuttle xpc)?


[H]F Junkie
Dec 10, 2003
Nothing is a guaranteed overclock. Chances are you could probably get it to 2.4 ghZ with the Zalman (maybe the retail HSF if it's a a good chip) and a voltage boost, but again, it really just depends on the chip.

As far as the unlocked PCI/AGP bus goes, it really depends on the hardware you're using and how it responds to the PCI and AGP buses running out of spec. I've had systems that will overclock very high without a problem, and the PCI/AGP no where close to what it should be, and I've also had systems that will crash with hard drive corruption even when it's only overclocked 60 mhZ (it was a 2660 mhZ processor at 2720 mhZ). It seems it not only the motherboard, but it can also depend on the hard drives, cards, etc.

Sorry I'm not much help, but that's really the truth... It just depends


[H]F Junkie
Oct 27, 2003
Most harddrives and other components will do ok up to about 37Mhz (pci bus), some HD handle higher even up to 42Mhz but nothing really lasts past that.

so (37-32)/32 = 15% oc so 200 + 15% = 230Mhz

And I think thats what about what some of the early nforce3 150's were getting.
Sometimes its not the PCI or AGP bus, its just the motherboard/FSB(or CPU) doesnt handle the OC well. (northbridges getting hot, etc.)

a 10% OC is a fairly safe bet, but its luck of the draw... you may get 15-20% or you may only 1%. You never know! :(