1TB Team Group CX2 SSD $68 at newegg


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Oct 19, 2004

Drive info

I bought one for a games drive. Should be fine for that. Speed really doesn’t matter too much on a games drive. A benchmark screen grabs for reference from tweaktown. It’s a few second swing on a 15 seconds scale between the best and the cheapies. This particular drive isn’t included in the scores but I just included the scores as a bit of a reference toward best or worst case scenarios. The yellow scores are SSHD (SSD + platter drive hybrids)

3 year warranty on this SSD.

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reliability, haven't seen any decent review on SSD for this brand
Is reliability a concern for your use case? A Steam games drive with automatic cloud saves?
It’s rated at 800TBW. That’s 800 times overwriting. By the time you wrote 20TB to it as a games drive, I’d wager it would no longer be your main drive games drive due to 1TB capacity being completely outdated. How many TB have you written to your current games drive as a comparison?

You can use Crystalmark info to get an idea of how much disk writing you have ever done to your current SSD as a comparison.

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