19" monitor suggestion

Or if you can't find the NEC FP912SB, check out the Mitsubishi DP930SB. It's the same monitor with Mitsubishi badging.
samsung syncmaster 955df
bout the best value for your money around. not as nice as my pure trinitron tube but cheap enough to do a dual setup without breaking the bank. You can usually get a deal from dell and get it for about $150 shipped
Thank you guys,NEC is a good choice .I've already have a 17" NEC Fe700 that i bouhgt 4 years ago but now It's very hard to find NEC & Mitsubishi monitors in Turkey.
I have to choose between LG,Philips and Samsung.Sony is outta my mind because its high price:(
I prefer Philips because its mark maybe.In my opinion it's more reliable than its korean competitors.
What do u think about it?