16GB (2x8GB) ADATA XPG GAMMIX D10 DDR4 3000 $80.75

The model number ends in 16 figured that is the cas but its strange they dont just come out and say it
Timing 16-18-18 from newegg, Oh, let me google that for you....
Oh my, aren't you the cheeky one. And thanks for providing a link. But you can't because AD4U300038G16-DS10 does not exist on newegg, amazon etc. happy googling
There is nothing wrong with Adata .....pay more if it makes you you feel better , but their products are just fine.

Well, I would not trust their low end SSD's but I am sure their ram is just fine. (Had experience with 3 years ago where a ton of their SSD's straight up failed within a few months time or so.) Surprisingly, I have one that still works but, that is all I have of theirs. $81 for ram is at least getting much closer to what it used to be.
I just picked up v-color ddr4-3200 cas16 (lower latency than 3000 cas16) for $92 or so after ebay bucks.