15 Suspects Arrested and Fined $5.1 Million for Selling PUBG Cheats

I'm not sure I've lost the reflexes. Maybe I have, but I can still be competitive in these games with enough time for practice.

But that's the problem. Time.

I've got a full time (plus mandatory overtime) professional job, a stepson, a house and a yard to take care of, etc. etc.

I'm lucky if I get a couple of hours a week to spend in a game many weeks.

Compare this to my Counter-Strike days in college when I averaged more than a full time job playing CS. Some weeks it was over 60 hours.

I just can't compete with kids who have an infinite amount of time to practice.

Like everything else, use it or lose it.

Exactly. I have friends that have barely touched FPS or competitive games in many years while I played 6000+ hours of TF2 plus various other games over that same period. But Fortnite has brought them out of the woodwork and, while it's been a blast playing together, to say that we often have different expectations of our level of play would be an understatement. Not only are your own mechanical skills going to be rusty or simply not developed, but you'll be playing against people that have played a significant amount of hours and developed their gamesense, situational awareness, etc.

It's just funny because you see it a ton even here on an enthusiast board, people saying "I used to play UT but I can't keep up with these kids!" Yeah, we all played UT like 15 years ago. If you haven't touched a competitive game since then you're gonna need some serious practice time to get back to where you were.
....and the fact you left out what "might have triggered it" is exactly what I'm talking about. Why would you leave out that little bit of information? Sounds like you got banned from DOTA as well.
Asking windows to close foreground application. I used a generic app that used microsofts TerminateProcess() function to close a hanging application - in cases where the pubg froze and it's latest frame stayed on top, even topping the task manager...
That sure doesn't modify the game software in any way etc. Essentially the same as alt+f4 etc...
So yea. I guess it's okay for a business to sell a game that crashes - and ban people that asks windows to shut the game down ;)
And yes - i have one ~6month banned account on dota2. Not due to flaming, bad playing or abandoning. Always tried my best. But yea.. that goes offtopic.
I never even knew you could get fined or go to jail for video game cheats.. lmfao. What a world we live in.
I'm not bothered by people who cheat in single player games, as it doesn't affect anyone else.

That being said, I can't help but wonder why this is enjoyable. When you pay for a single player game you are paying for hours worth of a challenge, but if you cheat youremove that challenge.

It would seem to me that when you cheat in a single player game, you are only cheating yourself.

Although I very rarely ever used cheats in SP games, sometimes it's not bad. It could be for a different experiences and not necessarily for taking away the challenge. After all it's about enjoyment in the end and not just challenge that one paid for.
I never even knew you could get fined or go to jail for video game cheats.. lmfao. What a world we live in.

You can for distributing malware embedded in the cheat programs in most countries but in China, things are different there.
FUCK *ALL* these cocksucker developers. Stop buying any and all FPS games that wont allow you to host a LAN game. Fuck em. member qwdm lans? member C&C lans? member? f 'em all.