144hz VS 1 billion colors


May 9, 2009
I've been on a 40" 4K TV for a while now. Last year I switched to an ultrawide because I wanted to try the experience without black bars when setting custom-res on the 16:9 panel. That didn't last long, as that panel ended up giving me pretty bad eye-strain issues. To eBay it went, and not it's off my hands and I'm back on the 4K TV. 4K is nice, but it's 60fps and while 10bit, it's not capable of rendering 1 billion colors.

So, I'm planning on getting something else later this year, and I've arrived at these two options for now:

AOC CQ32G1 - QHD on 32" will be similar to 4K, down from 110ppi to 92ppi which is not bad. 144hz.

Or, either of these, all of them 32" 4K VA panels that support 1 billion colors:

Samsung UJ590
LG 32UD60

Also somewhat considering the BenQ EW3270U but I've read enough good and bad about it to not be sure...

So now I'm wondering what I'd value more, the colors or the 144hz panel. Normally I game with $200-250 GPUs, so I know I won't be pushing 144hz all the time... but I'd like to hear opinions on where you side on this choice.
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I have a 32" QHD screen and while it isn't bad the pixels are a bit large for my liking. I use it daily as an office side screen but my main screen is a 35" 3440x1440 100hz monitor. I highly prefer the 3440x1440 100hz screen which is 106ppi so ever so lightly larger than your current 4k screen. I actually went to this setup from a 43" 4k tv. It was a very cheap sceptre 4k tv so that might have been part of the poor experience.

The 4k 32" screens will look nicer most likely than the QHD 32" but depending on vision it starts to push the too small aspect for some people. It may require some scaling in your OS to make it comfortable to use. Game wise a 4k 60hz is about as hard to push as a 144hz QHD so you break about even there for gpu speed. In either case I would recommend freesync/gsync.

I have very bad astigmatism and I found for myself the optimal sizing is right around 110ppi at 100-144hz with VA panels or OLED. If you can match that with a higher resolution through OS scaling it works as well. I also keep my monitors roughly 30" from me on the desk.
"10-bit color" support is basically useless. Almost nothing outputs in 10-bit color except photo software. The main thing it gets you is a guarantee that the panel is at least 8-bit per component.

*addendum: 92 DPI is kind of annoying. The pixels are just large enough to be obvious. 100-115 DPI is ideal for a 1x scale display. If you go above that and don't want to deal with fractional scaling, then you want to get to a reasonable proximity of 192DPI so you can do exactly 2x scaling.
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Thanks! I'll probably go with a 32" 4K display then. The 10 bit is important to me, but maybe not so much if they don't support HDR in any way... so I may have to wait a little more.