10k rpm SAS drives dead?


Supreme [H]ardness
Apr 13, 2004
Looking to build three 50 TB raw storage nodes for a test environment. Had mind set on 10k rpm SAS drives, came to find out that there only appears one viable model (1.2 TB Seagate, see http://www.seagate.com/internal-har...rd-drives/hdd/enterprise-performance-10K-hdd/) which is nowhere to be found.

What's the deal with the 10k drives, are they just dead?

I recall reading that 10k was a really viable option as the performance difference between 10k and 15k wasn't worth the higher price of the 15k drives.

Has the SAS3 (12Gb/s) just overtaken the market and the 7.2k rpm drives now rule the market?

Should I just get Samsung 850 Pro units which run about 33% more per TB and be done with it? It's just a test environment after all, though it would be good to be close to prod from a performance perspective to validate build times. Prod is all enterprise flash.


[H]F Junkie
Oct 23, 2000
Dell shipped 1.2TB 10k RPM disks in the C6220 IIs, manufactured by Seagate (ST1200MM0007) or Hitachi (HUC101212CSS600). According to the C6320 spec sheets they're still shipping 2.5" 10k SAS drives in 600GB/1.2TB capacities, so there should still be some floating around on the market.