This is a bug in the 1.7 patch (and since combat is effectively 1.7 mp its affected also).

There has been no official word from Sierra, though rumours have it should be fixed in the 1.8 patch.
(usually the text is much smaller and not 'in your face' like other typical fps games)
Yeah I hate that blabbage, too. The game is pretty fun in a mindless, shoot everything sort of way. :D The price was right! It runs really smoothly, too. Load times aren't too bad.
You can set the HUD text to fade out faster. It's in the game options.
I like it and am disappointed to find out it was a bug. I hate it when FPS's that announce kills as complete sentences like that, but when it's big atleast I can read it quicker than if it was 6 point font in the very corner of the screen like other games.

Every multiplayer FPS should adopt the Counter-Strike style kill log system of: "<Killer's name> <Icon of weapon used> <Headshot icon if applicable> <Dead guy's name>" With both players' names color coded their team's color.
I deduce from your post that not only is your F.E.A.R. nick ShooterMan, but that prior to taking the screenshot you killed two enemies with headshots form the G2A2 Assault Rifle, and were killed by someone wielding that same weapon. I also declare that you have lots of text in the middle of your screen, and that none of this was in any way intended to be at all helpful.
I'm loving this game :) Never knew FEAR MP was so fun

but the text does bother the hell out of me...its pretty distracting as well
ValeX said:
Heh. *ERRR* wrong. See on the right side? A list of people on my team. Theres a bunch of random names, and then someone named ValeX...i'm guessing I was him -shrug-.

Okay, well i'm glad this is at least supposed to be fixed, it was friggin lame there. Thanks for the replies guys!


However, I never stated either that any of what I wrote was meant to be accurate :p