100GB extra of OneDrive space from Microsoft

Just logged into Bing and got this message,
Your Bing Rewards account has been closed because it doesn't conform to the Bing Rewards Terms of Use, which you accepted when joining.

As a result, you're now disqualified from participating in Bing Rewards, your accumulated credits have been voided, and any pending prize orders have been cancelled.

If you think we've come to this conclusion in error, please contact Customer Support.

Not sure what the deal is.

It was the wrong account,
logged in with my other one and got this,
Your storage was increased successfully!

You now have an additional 100GB of storage for 2 years on your OneDrive account at
My OneDrive account is tied to an ancient Hotmail account I basically never check.
So I'm golden.
It may be important to mention that the extra 100GB is only for 2 years in case that matters to anyone.
When I click get my storage the link 404s. Anyone else have this issue?
Well Jesus, I went through all that just for the hell of it since I never use OneDrive. I finally go to open my OneDrive and it says I have 1.12TB of free space left. I don't think 100GB made a big deal :)

Ahh, looking at my account, the 1TB is because of Office365.