~$100 Mobo for e6300 or e6400 for minor OCing


Limp Gawd
Dec 20, 2005
The Biostar is good, but everyone will point to the S3 or DS3 because the Biostar came out a while after them (they might not know about it).


Fully [H]
Feb 1, 2005
I'd say either the biostar or the Gigabyte S3. I had a 6300 up to 2.8Ghz with stock cooling on my DS3 (same as S3 with different capacitors). I don't think the Dual VSTA will get you up that high (although it is a pretty flexible board).


May 25, 2005
no tha asrock dual vista won't do but 290-320 fsb with a core 2 . it's not a "real" overclocking mb . but it is super flexable and atable when set up proper . i've got one and i like it .

alot of people are buying the asrock as a temporary set up with plans to get a 965p and less expensive ddr-2-800 later . or are waiting on a rd-600 or nvidia 650 ultra and want something to run their core 2 on for right now that won't break the bank.

for overclocking right now i would get a core 2 6400 or maybe a 6300 and a 965p mb like a gigabyte ds-3 or asus p5b-e--

i have heard of some very good OC's on the biostar 965pt some in the 500mhz range . but i am running the gigabyte s-3 which can hit 500+mhz with the non micron ram . with micron it hits a stable 480fsb.

so i figure the mb to get is what is required to get a minor overclock . if 300fsb or so is enough and you can live with a 4x pci-e and have 2 gig of ddr-400 allready then the asrock 775 dual vista is a good deal @ $55 and get a faster mb/ram setup later .

if you need more than say 400fsb to be a good mild overclock --then get the gigabyte ds-3 / or the s-3 or the biostar PT, or the asus p5b-e or delux-- and some good ddr-2 800. :cool:


Dec 22, 2004
Loving the 965PT, did 430 fsb with the stock cooler, great value board!


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 24, 2002
I would have gone for the biostar 965pt myself. The only thing that held me back was that I'd need to buy a header cable to have a parallel port since for some reason they decided not to put it on the main back panel. And also, I'd have to rig a mod for the vdimm (really easy though!!) to get more than 2.2v. All in all, from everything I've read, it's a great board