1.9TB Samsung 983 DCT M.2 22110 compatible with 2TB Samsung 980 Pro?


Jul 21, 2023
I have an OS on Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 NVMe I would like copied to Samsung 983 DCT 22110 format. The specs say it's 1.9TB. The 980 is 2TB. Will 980 get copied over to 983, precisely, or is the 983 really under 2TB and thus the copy will not occur correctly? I need to use either dd or Macrium reflect bit-by-bit disk clone. It has always worked well in the past.

If the 1.9TB 983 is not an option, what are other 22110 M.2 SSD that will be an exact match for 980 Pro size-wise? 2TB.

The other question is, will the 980 Pro 2280 fit in the place where a 22110 SSD currently residing? I need to install an OS onto a machine I currently do not have access to and it's off-line. I understand 2280 and 22110 are using the same interface and are basically the same thing with 22110 just 30mm longer?
Well the 980 Pro is a TLC drive, so it's actually less than 2TB also, but still marketed as 2TB anyway. The 983 might still be smaller, because as an enterprise drive it probably has more space reserved, which increases wear leveling and overall flash endurance over the lifetime of the drive.

Every drive copy software that I've used, in this situation, would have no issue being able to shrink the partitions as necessary to fit onto the smaller drive. But I've never used the exact software that you supposedly need to use. I usually just use Seagate DiskWizard, which is just a basic version of Acronis True Image. It's free and works as long as you have at least one Seagate drive in your system (even if that Seagate drive has nothing to do with the drive you are copying to or from). I have a spare Seagate drive in my workbench computer, so it works. Samsung also has it's own Data Migration software that i've used in the past and should also work for this.

As far as 22110 vs 2280. If it can fit a 22110, then a 2280 will definitly "fit". The big variable is if it has screw mounting holes for the smaller-sized drives. Even if it doesn't have a mounting screw hole for a 2280 sized drive, if it has a built-in heatsink, the heatsink itself would usually be enough to keep the drive in place. It really depends on the motherboard, but 2280 is a pretty common size, so i'd say that the odds are in your favor.
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It will fit, as 2280 is practically the standard size nowadays, and virtually all mobos have mounts for both sizes....and as already stated, virtually every cloning s/w out there can/will adjust to varying sized drives/partitions, and some even give you the option to manually adjust it...