1. GoldenOne

    Need some help with display timings/blanking intervals to move a tear off-screen

    Heyo! I am in need of some help regarding monitor timings/blanking intervals. Specifically, how to move the blanking interval. Because right now instead of the frame starting at the top/bottom of the vertical area, its starting/ending in the middle. Resulting in an image like this...
  2. piscian18

    Bought a Acer X34P had to turn off G-SYNC for Source games

    Just a little PSA since I couldn't find this fix online. I'm migrating off 3xASUS PB278Q to a single screen ACER Predator X34P as of last night. I originally gave the Acer Predator XB1 a go(realized I don't like tall monitors). In the case of both monitors I had massive stuttering and ghosting...