wireless access point

  1. compgeek89

    FS: Ryzen 2600, Netgear GS108PP, Fortinet Fortigate APs (FortiAP) 223C, 223E, SuperMicro X10DRi-T

    1x FortiAP-223C @ $110/ea shipped within US48 1x FortiAP-223E @ $210/ea shipped within US48 1x Ubiquiti UISP EdgeRouter X @ $40 shipped within US48 1x SuperMicro X10DRi-T Motherboard @ $150 shipped within US48 1x Netgear GS108PP 8 Port POE+ 123w Switch with PSU @ $60 shipped 1x Ryzen 2600...
  2. Cerulean

    Recommendation for network cabling mounting/equipment for attic, i-beam, and cinder wall

    I 'splain and show my need here: Running a cable up into an attic from first floor server room. I want to run the cable along the i-beam and mount the Open-Mesh WAP to a cinder wall. Looking for recommendations to websites/vendors that cater to network cabling equipment, mountings, etcetera...