windows updates

  1. Cerulean

    How to scriptably uninstall patches for Windows 10?

    First: you can no longer use wusa.exe to uninstall patches silently since Windows 8/Server 2016, so this is out of the question. You. Just. Can't. Do. It! Thanks Microsoft (for ingeniously deciding that parameters /quiet and /kb:kb123456 are illegal to use together). Sometimes wusa.exe will be...
  2. S

    Video Playback Stutter After Windows Update to 1709 Build 16299.19

    So I'm having a problem with a bit of a stutter after upgrading to Windows 10 v.1709 OS Build 16299.19. I don't recall what build I had last, but I believe it was the Windows 10 Creator's Update. Unfortunately, I can't roll back anything because I deleted the Windows.old file, because I had no...
  3. Cerulean

    Windows 10 full factory reset - do I have to do Windows Updates all over again?

    If a full factory reset with full drive cleaning option selected is performed, does one have to do Windows 10 updates all over again or does Windows reload itself using whatever has already been installed via Windows Updates?