1. DooKey

    Instagram May Add Voice and Video Calling

    It appears that the code for voice and video calling is embedded into the code of the Android Application Packages for Instagram. Based upon this information it's easy to see that Instagram is getting ready to add these features to their product. I'm not an Instagram user, but I imagine these...
  2. Z

    Suggestions for home phone service over internet

    Hi, so I have 2 verizon cell phones in my home and the cell signal here is abysmal. Even though I'm within spitting distance of downtown Chicago, my cell signal at home is frequently 3g and 1 bar if i'm lucky, on either phone (samsung galaxy s6 and s7). i would like to do one of the following...
  3. R

    Walmart Working With Google For Voice-Activated Shopping

    Walmart has announced today that it is working with Google to offer hundreds of thousands of items for voice shopping through Google assistant. Walmart has also stated that it will be expanding it's grocery delivery service with Uber. To be more competitive with Amazon, Google Express is...