vlc player

  1. FrgMstr

    New v3.0.0 Vetinari VLC Player

    There is a new version of VLC media player out in the wild now, but it looks like the current 2.2.6 Umbrella version will not auto-update or give you the suggestion to do so..so you will need to go grab it yourself and force the installation. VLC 3. Vetinari is considered a major update to the...
  2. S

    Video Playback Stutter After Windows Update to 1709 Build 16299.19

    So I'm having a problem with a bit of a stutter after upgrading to Windows 10 v.1709 OS Build 16299.19. I don't recall what build I had last, but I believe it was the Windows 10 Creator's Update. Unfortunately, I can't roll back anything because I deleted the Windows.old file, because I had no...
  3. cageymaru

    Tax Authority Grilled VLC Player Over Link From a Torrent Site

    VLC player is a very popular video playback application that has been downloaded over 2 billion times. Torrent website Torrent 9 linked to the program in their help section to make playback of videos easier for their customers. The French Tax Authority took this endorsement of VLC Player to...