1. cageymaru

    Marriott International Has Updated Information on the "Starwood" Data Breach

    Marriott International has provided an update to the "Starwood" data breach that was initially thought to have affected 500 million of its customers. After "working closely with its internal and external forensics and analytics investigation team" Marriott was able to determine that the number...
  2. cageymaru

    Forensic Clues Implicate China in Marriott International Data Breach

    Private investigators analyzing the Marriott International data breach are finding hacking tools, techniques, and procedures previously used in attacks attributed to Chinese government intelligence gathering operations. The sources are reluctant to blame China as other parties have access to the...
  3. AlphaAtlas

    Starwood Allegedly Had A Chance to Find Hackers in 2015

    Marriott International suffered a big data breach involving the reservation database for Starwood Properties last week. The attackers allegedly had "unauthorized access" since 2014, and onlookers assumed there were no indications that Starwood's systems were compromised until this year. But, the...
  4. cageymaru

    Data Breach at Marriott International Affects 500 Million Starwood Customers

    Marriott International, a leading hotel and resort chain has released a statement that discloses a data breach associated with 500 million customers that have used its Starwood guest reservation system. On September 10, 2018, Marriott received an alert from an internal security tool regarding an...