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    Sony GDM FW900 Help - Potential deffect of the monitor. Any Info is appreciated.

    Hey there, I hope you're well. Thanks for checking out my post, I appreciate it :). I let this slide for some time, but as you can see, on the 3 pictures I took, there is a shadow going to the right of anything distinct on screen. Is this a deffect ? If so, does anyone know anything about it...
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    Sony GDM FW900 Setup Help - 1920x1200@120hz

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, thanks for accepting me! I just set up an FW900 that I purchased today, and managed to get these resolutions : 2560x1600@60hz 2304x1440@80hz 2048x1280@90hz 1920x1200@96hz 1680x1050@109hz 1440x900@126hz and- -1280x800@140hz I've seen people get 120hz on 1920x1200...