1. cageymaru

    Comcast Sets Default Xfinity Mobile PIN to 0000 and Fraudsters Jump for Joy

    According to the Washington Post, Comcast extolled the advantages of setting the default PIN on Xfinity Mobile phone service accounts to 0000 as a convenience for its customers. "Comcast's help site for switching carriers suggests this is to make things easier: 'We don't require you to create an...
  2. B

    Help!! Motherboard pin bent, should i return it?

    i just bought my motherboard MSI h81M-E33 3,4 days ago, and when i open the socket, i saw 1 bent pin on the motherboard. i was very panic and then i put my cpu to test it, it run normally. should i return it or just go with it?
  3. T

    Should I worry about a web page asking me for my Frontier PIN?

    Yesterday I was browsing the web like normal on Chrome OS. Then I tried to do a Google search. Chrome gave me a warning that my connection to Google may not be private. When I tried to open another web page, I was redirected to another web site. The following is a screenshot of what it looked...