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    Enmotus working on SLC/QLC hybrid NVME SSDs.

    These will use the QLC flash for long term storage. They have been working with Phison, who's controller will seamlessly move things back and forth in the background. Pricing or the ratio of SLC to QLC is not yet known, but drives are already been sampled to OEMs...
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    ADATA XPG SX8200 vs Silicon Power P34A80 (Phison vs SM)

    Hi all, I am curious what more knowledgeable users think of them in terms of durability, life span, performance drop over time, etc. Here are benchmarks these for those who have doubts which one is better performer. Silicon Power P34A80 2TB, M.2 (SP002TBP34A80M28)- Phison PS5012-E12...