1. AlphaAtlas

    U.S. Navy Tests Foldable Drone Launched from a Tube

    We already have guns designed to take out drones, but now the U.S. Navy is working on drones that can be shot from a "gun". The Nomad UAV has 2 counter-rotating propellers that fold up, and is about 3 feet tall. The whole thing fits inside a launch tube, which is pressurized with CO2 to shoot...
  2. DooKey

    Navy Putting an Anti-Drone Laser on Their Destroyers in 2020

    The US Navy has awarded a $150M contract to Lockheed Martinn for a 60-150kw laser (WARNING auto play video) that is going to be used to destroy drones and small boats. The laser system is the High Energy Laser and Integrated Optical-dazzler with Surveillance or Helios for short. Lesser lasers...