1. FrgMstr

    Bitcoin Miners Taken Out in Sichuan Floods

    Well, that's extremely unfortunate. I know that many of us are hanging our heads knowing that all those GPUs could have been safe in the hands of gamers.
  2. DooKey

    Apple Wants to Buy Cobalt Directly From Miners

    According to Bloomberg (WARNING auto play video), Apple is in talks with mining companies to buy cobalt directly from them rather than letting their battery suppliers who would normally do this. Apparently, Apple is wanting to ensure they have a good supply of cobalt for the next five years or...
  3. DooKey

    China Wants Bitcoin Miners Out

    China has already banned bitcoin and ICO's so now they are going for the kill shot on bitcoin miners. According to a leaked document to the internet-finance regulator, they are requiring local authorities to guide bitcoin miners to exit from the business of mining. Supposedly, this action is...