las vegas

  1. cageymaru

    Tickets to Compete in the Mario Kart Inspired Mushroom Rally Are Now on Sale

    16 cities have been designated as stops for the Mushroom Rally in 2019. These races are an opportunity for Mario Kart fans to experience the Nintendo video game in real life by racing go-karts on a go-kart track. The finalists from the 16 heats in 16 cities will be invited to the finals in sin...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    HyperX and Allied Esports Announce HyperX Esports Arena

    I've seen a few strange things in Las Vegas, but I never thought I'd see a HyperX sponsored gaming competition plastered on the Luxor pyramid. Alas, that is exactly what happened, as Kingston Technology Company, Inc have announced a "partnership and multi year agreement" with Allied Esports, and...