1. cageymaru

    Live Performance of the Cuphead Soundtrack from the Kensington Market Jazz Festival

    The 2018 Kensington Market Jazz Festival in Toronto, Canada featured a live performance of the Cuphead soundtrack by the Cuphead Jazz Orchestra. The festival was held over the weekend and some performances were live-streamed to YouTube. I hope that it is eventually uploaded to their SoundCloud...
  2. Q

    Problem with Kensington Trackballworks 1.3.1 - random clicks

    I've just indulged in a Kensington Expert Mouse trackball, the four-button model here, from my Kensington Orbit Elite. Everything was fine until I decided I wanted to use the third and fourth mouse buttons. So I decided to download Kensington Trackballworks. At which point all hell broke loose...
  3. Q

    Windows 10: two trackballs, one left-handed, one right-handed?

    Is it possible? How do I do it? The trackballs are a Kensington Orbit Elite trackball and a Logitech M570. I want to have the Kensington set up as left-handed and the Logitech set as right-handed.
  4. Q

    Kensington wireless trackballs

    I currently use Kensington Orbit Elite wired trackballs and am interested in Kensington's new wireless models. But I'm having trouble visualising them size-wise. Does anyone have one? How do they compare in size? This would be for daily desktop use.