1. AlphaAtlas

    JPMorgan Chase Uses AI Powered Video Game as a Recruitment Tool

    Recent reports claim that JPMorgan Chase are trialing "neuroscience-based video games" from pymetrics as a intern recruiting tool. The games supposedly assess applicants' "social, cognitive and behavioral features, such as attention, memory and altruism," and attempt to identify what job the...
  2. cageymaru

    How China's Social Credit System Affects Its Citizens and Businesses

    We have previously documented China's social credit system, but a recent report from the National Public Credit Information Centre documents the effect it has had on Chinese citizens and businesses in 2018. The Chinese government has "discredited" 17.46 million people from purchasing plane...
  3. cageymaru

    U.S. Video Game Sales Break Records in 2018

    According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and The NPD Group, video game sales toppled the $43.4 billion mark in 2018. Sales were up 18% from 2017 as previous sales records were broken for the video game industry. Across all platforms, (console, PC, portable, and mobile), both the...
  4. cageymaru

    ULA Partners with Blue Origin to Supply Booster Engine for Vulcan Centaur Rocket

    United Launch Alliance has chosen Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin to supply the advanced booster engine for the Vulcan Centaur rocket system. The Vulcan Centaur is expected to make its initial flight in mid-2020 and will provide affordable and reliable access to space for ULA customers as the rocket...
  5. DooKey

    Gamers are Strong Candidates for Cybersecurity Jobs

    Gamers may be good candidates for cybersecurity jobs according to a new report from McAfee. McAfee surveyed hundreds of cybersecurity professionals and managers at major corporations and most of the respondents said the current generation of gamers are strong candidates for cybersecurity jobs...
  6. R

    Facebook Co-Founder Says Technology Will Continue Destroying Jobs

    In an interview with CNBC, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes said that thinks that technology is going to "continue to destroy work." He also states that Americans who make less than $50k a year should be given a government stipend of $500 per month, as long as you are working. The boost he says...
  7. DooKey

    Robots are Coming for Our Jobs

    According to a report by McKinsey & Company, robots (WARNING auto play video) may take upwards of 800 million jobs from human workers by 2030. Some of the jobs hardest hit are going to be machine operators, fast-food workers, and back-office employees. However, all is not lost because there...
  8. M

    Foxconn Announces US Manufacturing Plant in Wisconsin

    In what will be a major boon to the state's economy, Foxconn announced plans to build a LCD-panel plant in Wisconsin (warning auto-play video). The Taiwanese electronics giant plans to invest $10 billion over four years into the project, making it the most expensive development in the state's...