1. cageymaru

    PlayStation 5 Gets Price Hike in Select Markets Due to inflation

    Sony has announced a price increase for the PS5 in select international markets. They also announced the USA MSRP will stay the same for now. New recommended retail price coming to select markets in the EMEA, APAC, and LATAM regions, plus Canada. Jim Ryan --- President & CEO, Sony Interactive...
  2. P

    Would it be naïve to sell my Vega 56 for $$$ to buy a better card "when" prices fall again?

    I've got a Vega 56 and a GT 710 in my main Ryzen desktop and I've got an RX 580 in my HTPC. I was thinking of taking advantage of the GPU pricing situation by selling my Vega 56 for cash and then use the money to buy a better graphics card when/if the prices come back to normal. I figure I could...
  3. Zarathustra[H]

    Some Perspective: Zarathustra's Nvidia Price History

    Every single time a brand new high end NVIDIA GPU is launched, we always have the same responses. Some people think it is too expensive while others think it is well worth the price considering the performance. What is, and isn't worth it to you, is obviously a very subjective matter, and as...