gaming mouse

  1. D

    Glorious Model O (Matte Black + Ascended Cable)

  2. D

    HELP: Best wireless Gaming Mouse to beat Naga Epic Chroma

    In the market for a new gaming mouse. I need to use a wireless mouse due to my setup where I game from a gaming chair and sit away from the computer. Would love to get peoples input on their favorites as I really LOVE my razer Naga Epic Chroma... they just dont make it anymore. I am mainly...
  3. Blorgon

    [FS] KBP V60 mech kb, Mionix Naos 3200, Logi G502 Proteus, Logi G502 Spectrum

  4. J

    Looking for a new gaming mouse, any help?

    Hello everyone, First off all if my english is not the best I´m sorry, I´ll try. So I´m looking for a new mouse, and here are the things I´m looking for in it: - Small / Medium size (my hands are about 17.5cm / 6.88 inch middle finger to wirst and 9cm / 3.54inch from thumb to the other side...
  5. Finny76

    AZIO EXO1 3500dpi USB Gaming Mouse - $6.99

    AZIO EXO1- USB 3500dpi GAMING MOUSE Now $6.99 on Newegg and Ebay with FREE shipping.
  6. D

    Recommend a gaming mouse

    I'm thinking of buying Logitech G502 Proteus Core but the wheel cons bother me (it's too smooth and heavy). Can you guys recommend an alternative with extra buttons that are placed comfortably ? I'm mainly an FPS guy
  7. B

    FS: Cable Modem, PSU (1), 120mm zalman aio, kraken gpu bracket, gaming keyboard Logitech G710+, Nexus Player, Fan Controller 5.25 Bay

    NZXT Sentry: optical Bay Fan Speed Controller 20w per channel (6 channels) - $15+shipping changes color to red green or blue Review: Nexus Player (rooted) - $20 + s/h Logitech G510 keyboard +$40+shipping...