1. H

    FS: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 512GB Unlocked with Accessories

    Selling this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 512GB unlocked phone since I'm switching back to iPhone. Timestamp/Pics: This phone was purchased from a Samsung Experience physical store, and includes the paper receipt. It comes with - S Pen Fold Edition ($50 value) - Spigen Slim Armor Pro case with...
  2. dvsman

    Anyone place their order for the Samsung Flip 3 or Fold 3 yet?

    I just talked to my corporate phone guy this afternoon and he said pre-orders were open now. Flip 3 comes in 128gb or 256gb = $400/500 through corporate (IIRC, not 100% sure) Fold 3 comes in up to 512gb (can't remember the lower options) = $1150 through corporate but the interesting thing is he...