1. euskalzabe

    Are games today stuck in an endless grind to level-up?

    I was playing Horizon Zero Dawn yesterday, and had an unpleasant realization about the current state of gaming dynamics in today's market. A few weeks ago, I played Destiny 2. Fun game, despite me not loving online PvP, I enjoyed the story and grinding with some friends. Got to level 20 and...
  2. FrgMstr

    Pirated Final Fantasy XV Runs Better Than Purchased

    The Dark Side of Gaming is reporting that the pirated version of Final Fantasy XV has shows some significant performance differences from the version you would purchase via Steam. A lot of this looks at load times for the game and maps contained within, however performance using a spinning data...
  3. M

    Nude Mods for Final Fantasy XV is Up For the Community to Decide

    The recent showcasing of Final Fantasy XV for the PC has gotten a lot of PC folks talking. The question of modding was to follow and the developers suggest that they will look into supporting it. Another question arose, what about nude mods? The director says "nude mods are up to the 'moral...