1. cageymaru

    SK Hynix to Spend $107 Billion on Four New Memory Chip Factories

    SK Hynix has announced that it is building four new memory chip plants that will cost $107 billion. Construction of the plants will begin in 2022 at a 4.5 million square meter site that is south of Seoul. SK Hynix is expected to invest $49 billion into 2 existing plants. Next-generation chips...
  2. cageymaru

    Watch Robots and Humans Work Together to Create the 2019 Ford Ranger

    Cars BOOM on YouTube has released a video documenting 2019 Ford Ranger production at its Michigan assembly plant. Watch man and machine work together to create vehicles for this iconic American brand. Ranger production is underway at Michigan Assembly Plant. The truck arrives at dealers...
  3. cageymaru

    Companies Turn to Exoskeletons to Assist Factory Workers

    According to the Wall Street Journal, companies are outfitting its factory workers with exoskeletons to lower the amount of injuries caused by extended overhead reaching. Manufacturing jobs such as overhead welding are perfect candidates for exoskeleton use as weight from the arms is transferred...
  4. cageymaru

    Bob Swan of Intel Pens Open Letter Addressing the Corporation's Supply Issues

    Intel CFO and Interim CEO Bob Swan has penned an open letter addressing supply issues at the corporation. He acknowledges the lack of consumer product availability in the retail pipeline as he explains the incredible growth that Intel is experiencing in the High-performance computing (HPC)...