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    Sold: Ergotron Sit/Standing desk and monitor arms

    Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk :- Sold Locally It is in excellent condition, I've taken it a part atm (Just the top and center to save space. )Same desk in the link. First pic is stock img as I'v...
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    FS/FT: Wireless earphones, Ergotron LX, HGST 2TB/4TB HDD, Lian-Li case, Ducky KB, etc

    For sale/trade: offers welcome! HEAT (6-0-0) I am local to Torrance, CA. PAYPAL, local cash accepted Things I am looking for (I can add $$ on my end): B&W 685 or 686 bookshelf speakers; or other similar bookshelf speakers.. if you are local maybe a pair of towers Dell U2717 cheap, large...