1. AlphaAtlas

    Nissan Previews the Future of AR Driving at CES

    Nissan gave spectators a glimpse of the future of driving at CES this year. While they've been talking up several concepts as part of their Intelligent mobility roadmap, like an electric racecar, improved internal combustion engines, and advanced vehicle communication technology, they're also...
  2. R

    France Does Not Want You Texting And Driving, Or Parking

    In a report from LeFigaro, a new law in France makes using your phone while driving punishable, whether or not the car is moving. If you pull over and shut off the engine to make a phone call or answer a text, it is the same €135 and points as if you were driving. If you park your car in a...
  3. DooKey

    Pokemon Go Players Can't Drive

    Everyone knows distracted driving can cause accidents and researchers at Purdue University estimate that Pokemon Go players have caused million of dollars in damage in vehicular crashes in one Indiana county. They extrapolated these losses to the entire country and estimated that billions of...
  4. DooKey

    McLaren F1 Team Finds New Simulator Driving Through Gaming

    The McLaren F1 team started a competition back in May to find a new simulator driver for their team through the use of racing games. At the conclusion of the testing, Rudy van Buren from Lelystad, Netherlands was crowned the World's Fastest Gamer and received a one year contract to be the new...
  5. R

    New Nissan Leaf Will Have One Pedal

    The new Nissan Leaf with a new technology they are calling the "e-Pedal." Accelerating and braking will be done with one pedal in the new Leaf, accelerating and decelerating function as normal, but now braking will be accomplished by letting off the pedal completely. Nissan says it will make...