1. Armenius

    AMD Is Losing Ground to Intel in This Key Chip Market (discrete video cards)

    Is this the competition you wanted? AMD's marketshare in discrete video cards fell from 17% to 8% as Intel captured 4% in the most recent quarter reported by Jon Peddie Research, while NVIDIA's marketshare grew from 83% to 88%. AMD's marketshare was split between its two competitors, with...
  2. FrgMstr

    Chris Hook to Lead Discrete GPU Marketing at Intel

    Chris Hook, who recently left AMD as its Sr. Marketing Director, is now announcing that he is officially working for Intel. Interestingly, Hook's new position will be him "Leading Discrete GPU Marketing" at Intel. Hook has been responsible for marketing Radeon video cards for over a decade...
  3. S

    New Intel Part with AMD graphics perfect for SFF? Dev Board pic.

    I came across the a picture of what appears to be the Dev board for the Intel AMD project. It is looks like an awesome form factor for SFF. It doesn't seem to quite match any current form factor, but looks very well laid out. It looks like a slightly bigger STX board, but still very small...