1. S

    Anandtech: Intel Details Manufacturing through 2023: 7nm, 7+, 7++, with Next Gen Packaging

    Intel is showing manufacturing plan for next 4+ years: Naturally there will be some skepticism considering the stumbles of 10nm, but OTOH, they no doubt learned a lot from their...
  2. N4CR

    Rome doubles cache size as expected in Si-Soft ES leak Sisoft leak of an ES shows 16mb x 16 per socket for a 2P system, which should mean that it's 2x 16mb cache per chiplet, meaning 4 core CCX is still sadly likely. Or perhaps it counts the IO chip mirroring cache...
  3. cageymaru

    AMD EPYC Rome 64-Core Server Versus Intel Dual Socket Xeon Platinum Benchmark

    HotHardware has video of the C-Ray raytracing benchmark shown at the AMD Horizon Event. The AMD exhibit demonstrated just how powerful the new 7nm EPYC Rome architecture is with its new chiplet design that was leaked by AdoredTV. An Intel 8180M dual socket Xeon Platinum CPU server with 56...
  4. J

    AMD vision in one patent: the Chiplet! Good news is that is the entire article. Cant say I am surprised especially after ZEN and TR/EPYC. Does have some limitless possibilities.
  5. S

    Mother of All APUs

    I saw cageymaru posted this in the Ryzen leaked benchmarks thread, but thought it warranted its own thread: This is the article in which I saw this...