1. N

    Handbrake audio settings for ripped Bluray - no clue what I am doing.

    My situation: Encoding Bluray MKVs for playback on a 5.1 receiver, tablet, smart tv, or whatever else we have in the house. What I want: Nice surround sound quality (not a crazy audiophile) in my current AVR 1510 receiver with great compatibility for future equipment. Here is what my settings...
  2. Hielo_loco

    How can I prevent my PC from hanging when dealing with a scracthed bluray?

    Hi everybody, I have been trying to play a couple of mildly scratched Bluray discs on my pc's bluray drive and power dvd 15. When the computer tries to read the scratched sectors, it chokes, sputters, and ultimately hangs indefinitely, forcing me to hit ctrl alt delete. The same thing happens...