black screen

  1. postcd

    If video card output no signal / black screen, re-seat it, try switching RAM

    If you have issue with a video card not displaying anything or computer starting and stopping continuously in couple of seconds succession here are ideas and what helped: I may have confused it, but i hope i remember right what i did What i have tried and FAILED: It happened to me that i have...
  2. O

    Mac won't boot after I rebooted the system with hard drive inserted. Please help.

    So recently I've been messing around with Linux Ubuntu and have it dual booted along with Mac OS X with rEFInd. I was messing with terminal and had a 1TB hard drive inserted. I rebooted by typing in 'init 6' and then got a black screen and the Mac wouldn't do anything. Eventually it's battery...
  3. Y

    Problems with voltages (I think) AMD 290 and HD 7950

    I'm on W7 64 with a 750w corsair psu, MSI 970 Gaming, 8gb 1600 ram, an 8320e, and an AMD R9 290 (xfx core). I've never had problems with the card before, and a few weeks ago it started randomly black screening (sometimes during internet surfing, but almost always during a game, be it dota 2 or...
  4. T

    Unusable Sapphire R9 380 Nitro

    I've never had so many problems with a graphics card in my 15 years of building and maintaining PCs. Almost a year ago, I recommended this card to my cousin, whose 6850 bit the dust after a couple of years. The R9 380 will run a few select games perfectly, while on others it will black screen...