apple app store

  1. Armenius

    Hello Kitty Island Adventure

    Don't let your memes be dreams! Available on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, AppleTV).
  2. cageymaru

    Apple App Store Jewel "Adware Doctor" Pilfered Phone Data to Send to China

    The Adware Doctor app occupied the front page of the Apple App Store as the #4 highest rated app, but it had a dark secret. Instead of removing viruses and malware from iOS devices, it was collecting all browser history, app store purchases, and more to bundle into an encrypted file to be sent...
  3. cageymaru

    Big Star Labs Spyware Infected 11 Million Devices Before Removal from App Stores

    A Delaware company called Big Star Labs created multiple spyware applications and 11 million people downloaded them from the Google Play store as Google Chrome extensions and the Apple App Store as an ad-blocker. The apps ranged from mobile health club apps to speed boost utilities. The apps...