1. Zarathustra[H]

    Any way to contact Microsoft Support without a Microsoft account?

    So, I am kind of frustrated right now. I had to reinstall Windows 10 on my better halfs laptop due to a drive failure. Office 2019 (bought from an online retailer 3 years ago, activated fine the first time) fails to activate. I've tried the online activation as well as the Phone one where you...
  2. cageymaru

    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

    My personal copy of Windows 10 Pro decided that it is no longer valid as the key stored on the Microsoft servers is only good for Windows 10 Home. I even ran the Windows troubleshooter where it listed all of the valid Windows 10 Professional licenses stored on my Microsoft account, but still...
  3. Cerulean

    Buying Windows 10 licenses from Microsoft's website

    Greetings! An automotive shop has requested my assistance to upgrade their computers. They bought a handful of Dell OptiPlex 755 from some guy on Craigslist that came preloaded with MSO and Windows 10. In short: undoubtedly pirated. I've informed the owner and he's in agreement, so I am working...