1. FrgMstr

    Seasonic Flagship PRIME 850W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Seasonic Flagship PRIME 850W Power Supply Review - Seasonic is one of our long-time favorites when it comes to high power and high efficiency desktop computer power supplies. Seasonic does not introduce wave after wave of new PSU series, so when it does come across with a new platform it gets...
  2. F

    WTB: Samsung 850 500GB SSD

    i don't really care if its the pro or the evo edition, but the cheaper the better,. send me a PM.
  3. D

    Weird Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD...

    So... I decided today was a good day to just sit back and optimize my computer finally... Made sure everything was clean, 100%, checked wires, etc... Ran all the optimization I could on Samsung Magician... even used the Over Provisioning setting (10%) with RAPID enabled and OS Optimized...
  4. N

    FS: NIB Samsung 850 PRO 512GB

  5. L

    Samsung 850 EVO 500GB very slow at launching applications

    Hello, I have 2 HP Envy 15 laptops that are almost identical. They have the same CPU (Intel Core I7-4700MQ), and differ in RAM 16GB vs 8GB and screen resolution Full HD vs HD. The laptop with 16GB RAM and Full HD resolution has a 850 EVO 500GB drive while the other one has a 850 EVO 250GB...