1. R

    LSI 9305 not detecting HGST SAS drives

    My LSI 9305 24i is not detecting HGST 4tb 4kn SAS drives. It sees other SAS/SATA drives just fine. I've done the obligatory pre search, and I found this https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/lsi-hba-sas9305-24i-no-disk-spinup-at-boot.53534/ and...
  2. Tekmyster

    HGST Ultrastar 7k6000 Compatibility with LSI 9280-8E

    I have an MD1000 that i have an HGST HUS726040ALN610 4TB 4Kn drive in, and my LSI 9280-8E shows the following. Raw Capacity: 465,753GB Sector Size: 512 B Status: Unconfigured Good (Unsupported) i tried others thinking the drive was bad, but the issue persists. i can't find any documentation...
  3. slowfox

    ZFS and 512n vs 512e vs 4kN drives

    Guys, I will try to keep it very short as I tend to get into unnecessary details. My ultimate goal is to choose between using 512n, 512e, or pure 4kN drives for a new ZFS storage appliance that will either consist of eight 4TB drives in four mirror VDEVs, or eventually Raidz2 in order to...