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    Generally speaking. CAT 6 vs 7

    Just go with with CAT 7.
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    Star Wars: Squadrons

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    Pixel 5 early news

    Meh I will pass on the P5. at 699$ DOA for sure. Sorry.
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    Chieftec Dragon clone ...

    Brings back memories. Had my first custom loop in one of these. Cut out the front cages and grills and put a Bonneville heater core and 2x120mm fans
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    Reusing Corsiar HX850 from 2015 due to shortage

    Your fine and its a quality PSU
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    Looking for a phone sized similar to galaxy s10e Looks like they are pretty close. 855 is a newer flagship. Due to pure android the 4a is solid and since you have never used a screen with 90hz refresh rate you won't be missing anything.
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    Looking for a phone sized similar to galaxy s10e

    Google 3a is on the smaller side if you can find it. Also the new 4a is not as large as most phones but still pretty large. The only other option is the new iphone SE
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    Pixel 5 early news

    5g is not worth it. I would take stable consistent LTE over spotty 5g. There is nothing I can't do on my phone with a decent LTE connection (15-20mbs) and solid latency under 50ms
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    EVGA B-stock 1080ti $349

    Rather wait for a 3060ti
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    Pixel 5 early news

    Anything over 600$ is to much. Even 599 seems a bit much. Let's see what hits when it launches in the next month
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    Anyone have experience with comcast ENS?

    Subscribed. Just interested in learning
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    Used GPU Market Crash of 2020

    AMD does not have anything to match this is my guess. They are going to need to play price games to compete. To me the 3070ti looks to be the sweet spot depending on price
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    Which to get?

    XR would be my pick put of those
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    Sure what do you need to know. PP FF is preferred but I will accept standard PP. PayPal is...

    Sure what do you need to know. PP FF is preferred but I will accept standard PP. PayPal is
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    GTX1070 8gb or better

    The 2060 should just fine
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    I have a question if my current config with PCI-E 2.0 will be a problem with 4K VR

    Worst case buy the best card you can when you do and if everything works great. If not buget for at least 200-300$ for a ryzen or Intel 10 gen setup and 16gb ddr4 ram
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    When can we expect the 3070 cards to be out for sale?

    Remember WOW can be highly CPU bound as well in certain areas and instances
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    GTX1070 8gb or better

    Just wait till new 30xx drops. Used prices for 1080s and ti will fall sharply
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    Recommendations for wifi router/ap for small apt.

    Might as well go with wifi 6 if you can swing. Even wifi ac 5 devices benefit.
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    Pixel 5 early news

    One plus 7 pro is on sale again
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    Multi-function Laser Printer Recommendations?

    I like Brother. Just bought the L3290CDW. Solid printer so far. Only thing I wish it had was a multi page scanner feed but for 279$ shipped to my door, this was my best option for a solid Color laser in my budget that have quality after market color toner cartridges. Should note I had a BW MFC...
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    WD 12TB Elements $175 @ Newegg Starts at 12pm PT

    yes but they are gonna generate alot more heat and noise. For home servers and media storage 5400rpm is enough
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    Do PC to PC LAN connections go through the WiFi Router

    You need to seperate the wifi signal, the hub/switch and the router portion of the device. Typically if you had 2 devices connected on the same switch it would never route out passed that switch as the switch would have an arp table. But due to the nature of a consumer router it acts as the...
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    Built my dad a computer out of used and left over parts from forums, my spare parts and a few new ones. For 1080p I hope my he can get a mix of medium and high out of a 2600, 16gb ram and a 1660 evga SC.
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    Custom built PC vs Netgate SG-3100

    Get the quad 1gb pcie cards off eBay for cheap. But always Intel for server applications
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    Ok to use MOCA instead of Ethernet, 3 locations in the house?

    Maybe try a power over Ethernet run first? Should be much cheaper... Worth a shot.
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    MS SQL Server in VMware Cluster

    Make sure you do always on. Standard clustering in SQL on Vmware is no bueno
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    Help with routing

    Sounds like ACLs. What brand of FW. Since your switch is acting as layer 3 devices from the different vlans do not need a router to access one another.
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    Is this a good, reliable way to attach a standard telephone to a router?

    TMO will give you a free mini cell tower that uses your connection at your house. Problem is it is open to anyone. I believe att has something similar. You just need to call support and request them
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    Razer Blade 15" w/1660ti $1099.99

    The new Asus model looks to be a good alternative to this
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    ASUS Gigabit RT-AC88U vs Synology Gigabit RT2600ac

    This Plus this...
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    XMP & B460M Little Question

    Worse case it can cause instability but nothing that will cause any hardware to get damaged.
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    Pixel 4a thoughts?

    The 5a and 6 will be out. Seems Google is set of this release cycle. By then 5g will be standard. I agree skip them if you have the 3 or 3xl if your battery is decent
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    2020 Post-pandemic VPN?

    I would just use my work VPN but I would setup an ipsec tunnel to home if feasible
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    ASUS Gigabit RT-AC88U vs Synology Gigabit RT2600ac

    I think I would look at a edge router and cheap 1gb switch or something from mikrotik
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    LGA 1150 Socket retainer

    I might try but I think I am going move on. It will be a side project :)