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    Wireless, NPS, SSO (before logon) = Group policy not applying?

    I'm running out of ideas on this... we're trying to setup WPA-Enterprise with our Ubiquiti wireless, and to a point it is working great. Logon to a laptop with your domain credentials and you can connect to the SSID without needing to enter any additional credentials etc. This also works...
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    Avaya/Nortel ERS 4500 switch reverted to old config?

    This weekend I had to replace the cabinet a stacked pair of Avaya ERS 4550 switches lived in. Nice and tidy now :) I hit a problem though when I powered the switches back up. Both were plugged into the cabinet's UPS while it was off - so they both came on at the same time the UPS was turned...
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    Silent/quiet 24 port L2 managed switch?

    Can anyone recommend me a quiet or silent L2 switch with 24 ports? Specifically, a cheap one. Doesn't need to have any gig ports, although two would be nice as a bonus. If money weren't an issue I'd just get a new 1810g-24 straight away but.... yeah. Used is the way forward for me on this...
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    Bit confused with APC UPS rails?

    I cannot for the life of me picture/figure out how you're meant to mount APC UPS rails in a rack with square holes....? These are the kind I mean, I've got a 2U unit. Not got a pair in hand to try them out yet. Do the ears go on the inside of the rack rails? Either way, surely you...