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    320GB showing as 132GB?

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    Any way to save RAID setup

    So I tried bumping up the fsb last night on my comp and now my BIOS is dead(I've tried clearing but no go). My problem is that I had a RAID 0 setup and I really need to get the data off of it(100GB of video and a bunch of personal data). Is there anyway that I can save it? Could I buy the...
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    360 with no internet?

    Is the 360 worth getting without a broadband connection?
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    Preparing for A+

    I want to take the A+ exams and was wondering what books and other resources you would recommend. Thanks.
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    Invalid Thread

    Has anyone been getting a lot of invalid thread errors when replying to a thread? I have been getting them for the past few days.
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    What card for XP2100+?

    What videocard would be the best for my system? Would a 6600GT be overkill with just a XP2100+ and 512MB?