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    Question in Braid

    How can you break apart the puzzle after it is put together?? I'm trying to get one of the secrets and the painting just moves around with no clear option to break it back into its individual pieces... any know how to do this??
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    PC causing Cable box to skip

    I've got a very weird issue today. My PC is cuasing the signal on my TV to fragment and skip. Its not only related to the internet. When i scroll or load a program it will skip until the PC is no longer under load..... Any ideas why this could be happening? Static or something?
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    nintendo ds mod options

    I've done some searching with and havent quite found what i'm looking for, can anyone point me in the right direction for what are the real solutions for a web browser as well as mp3 and video player for the DS i know there is some stuff in the works but is there any homebrew? thanks!
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    Assualt Heroes

    I picked this game up last night and played through it on coop. Its pretty fun, has some replay when you try to get the achievments too. its an arcade game on live btw
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    hey there is a good watch on cnbc about gaming
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    and so it has begun.... Post what you plan on getting while more start showing up pick your poison i'm hunting for a sub $100 19 lcd this year, i think it'll happen.
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    i got my hands on a broken aoc lcd for free, its issue is that when you power it on the backlight goes off after about 2 seconds, you can still see the image on the lcd itselff , its just the backlight that turns off. any ideas?
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    dvd to wmv

    i'm going to dabble converting DVD's to WMV(tired of all the work arounds for the 360). anyone here tried this?
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    Mixing Ballistix, voltage problems?

    mixing ballistix, would it be foolish to mix 1gb of 3200 ballistix in dual channel with another set in dual channel? I ask because of the high voltage the crucial ram likes.
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    your preference on archiving your dvd's

    What do you guys do when backing up your movies. do you rip them all in full? or do you rip and shrink them so they can be burned? or maybe xvid or divx?. I'm trying to figure out what the best solution for me is going to be as I start to create my media library.
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    Plix Q Perl

    How does this thing look for the price to you guys? Think you could build somthing comparable to this for the same price off newegg? THE vid card is a 6600 i believe I just finished putting my htpc...
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    Any Life for this old p3 800mhz

    I have an old PIII 800mhz HP in my basement, it has 128mb ram and a voodoo 5 5500 in it. Do you think this little monster has enough power to serve xvids over my network? There would be a 2 MCE clients and one XBMC. Let me know what you think. If its no good for this, any other suggestions about...
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    Excel Problem

    I need to keep track of the duration of phone calls. They are generated delivered to me in text file and then I cop them into excel. The problem is Excel uses a time of day to represent the duration. like a 0:03:00 phone call is stored in excel as 12:03:30 AM even though it displays as 0:03:00...
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    using a portable dvd screen with console

    so i have a portable dvd player, which has a 1/8 mini plug a/v in/out port. my question is simple what kind of converter cable would i use in order to hook a console up to it? i would probably run the sound elsewhere as this would be in the car and i have a Ysplitter that goes direct to the head...
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    Mystery of time and space

    my personal fav The mystery of time and space kinda old though, i'm sure most have beat it
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    Simple Powerpoint question

    Hey pretty simple question here. Can I have a video uploaded to Youtube play live during a powerpoint presentation. Similar to haveing the video saved locally and embedded but the video is big and it would be simpiliar. thanks
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    it came out today right? has anyone picked it up?
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    Perfect Dark - Infection

    is anyone else all about playing infection on xbox live, especially in urban. Damn i havent been this into a multiplayer game since UT99. Perfect Dark def grows on you after you play it online for a while. I know i have seen some of you forum guys in there
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    Can you play NBA LIVE 06 with a guest?

    Can you play NBA live 06 on xbox live with a guest? I got this game for free and I dont like basketball but i figure that would be funny to get our a$$ whooped 2 on 2. Thanks in advance if anyone knows
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    Broken Ds : (

    Hey i got a DS for xmas last year and my roomate stepped on it and broke the screen, i havent gotten in fixed yet but mk makes me want to. Does anyone have any idea where i would be able to get it fixed? its the top screen not the touch screen, and its cracked. I know I can send it back to...
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    XBOX 360 to computer monitor

    I have a dell 2005 and was just wondering what the best way everyone thinks hooking the 360 up to it would be? can i do 1080 in this combo? i'm a total newb to the HD area. on a side note, i'm getting my 360 for free by going on a certain MTV show in downtown manhatten on the 21st because a...
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    C0D:2 on low end systems?

    by now we all now you can run this game in DX 7, my question is with this option how would the game run on old systems with like 8500's or early 9*** series of cards. I bet you could get it working pretty good
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    sage hogging cpu

    Ok so my setup is i have sage tv running fullscreen on a tv via svideo and dualview(off my main box, it just sits in the taskbar). The svideo pull is like 12 feet. When only recording(not watching) my resources arent really affected, but if i'm watching tv it jumps between 20-60% of my cpu. Is...
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    Hauppage Remote Stops working

    My Silver hauppage remote stops responding after a while, somtimes 15 mins somtimes 1 hour. When I restart IR it gives me an error starting hardware. Then i have to reboot and it works fine for a little while until the problem happens againl. Has anyone else had this problem? or know a solution...
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    Audio Out Question

    I plan on buying an wintv 250 card to my comp and then run the signal back to my tv, with my displays set on dualview. What in your opinion is the way to run the video back to the tv(svideo) and is it possible to run the audio back to the tv as well. THanks!
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    HTPC software running on dedicated monitor?

    So here's my question. Would it work if had my monitors set to dual view and used one of them to run a program like sage or beyont tv full screen on it at all times? Any insight as to which program would work best? My only worries are that A. The program would not run fullscreen in the second...
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    Google Search Assist... Pretty Cool TRY IT OUT
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    Simple Games For The Girlfreind

    Just want some suggestions..... What's a good game to give to my gf just for a leisure activity, she's not big into video games or anything, but she doesnt hate em(she plays mario kart w/us somtimes) she has a dell, so it cant be anything intensive, i was thinking along the lines of some of...
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    A coalition of religious and family groups criticized video game makers i love playing "Grand Theft" :rolleyes: These hippies should move to france "The retailers have standards for other products," Burk said. "Would Wal-Mart sell...
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    For all you DoW peeps

    What is your prize multiplayer race? I cant get enough of the chaos army. The blood Thirster is just unstopable.
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    characters you remember?

    Here's a question for you guys..... What games do you remember as having AI characters with really good personalities, not smart AI just ones where you really felt like you were playing with them,.... I would have to say call of duty some of those guys were great... especially those guys you had...
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    Dang Wireless

    So i just set up my router(linksys wireless B) and i set my local IP as the DMZ HOST so i can get onto my freinds ftp. But i cant resolve it at all. Windows firewall is off, its set up correctly on his side, we thought it may have somthing to do with our school blocking the port, but i switched...
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    Whats next for C & C

    Does anyone know what the next installment will be in the command and conquer line? last thing released was zero hour right?
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    Cant Install Soundcard

    I am currently running a 3500+ on an msi neo 2 plat and i cannot install my audigy soundcard. The driverrs cannot detect the hardware. The onboard sounds works fine along with the rest of the system. Is there a jumper located somewhere?
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    Oc Help

    So i installed coolbits 2 and when i auto detect my optimum clock on my PNY 6800 GT it auto detects at 426, I checked apply at startup.... but after i exit and reboot and return to that screen it goes back to 350... any ideas whats wrong?
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    To All You Guys Lookin For 3500's

    I jsut recieved my tracking number for my 3500, i ordered it from for $401.00 shipped more expensive than some places but hey they have em. I'll let you know if all is well when it gets here
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    Got My 6800 Gt

    Just Went To The Comp Usa Near Me And Picked Up A Pny 6800gt And Guess What... They Have 10 Left!!!!!!
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    Ballistix Dual Channel?

    is the new crucial ballistix dual channel? i've got an amd64 3500 on the way with an asus AV8 delux and was wondering if i should go with the ballistix
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    Looking For Pny 6800gt's ???

    try this......
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    Glacier 6800GT anyone know where you can find these?