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    Need a Cheap Soundcard with 5.1 Optical Out

    I need a sound card for under $100, perferable under $50, that can output sound in 5.1 through optical. Sound quality isnt really a big thing with me as I'm not by any means an audio file but it has to be at least as good as my onboard realtek AC850. Any sugestions?
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    if statements and strings (c++)

    I just started to try and teach myself c++ a couple of days ago and am currently working on a Tic Tac Toe program. I'm wondering if there is a way to set up an if statement for a string. When I try something like : if (loc == aa) { aa = 1; } //Checks if string loc is equal to aa...
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    Lauch of the X1K series effect on 7600 and 7200 launch time

    (Warning the following is based on rumors and speculation although I tried to base as much on fact as possible so this isnt the place to complain about rumor threads) With the entire X1K series launching in 4 days I'm surprised I haven't heard anything about this yet*. If ati launches the...
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    Mouse sensitivity settings

    I recently purchased a MX518 and am so far loving it but I have a question about mouse sensitivity settings in game and how they affect the DPI level of the mouse. Now, as I understand, the mouse sensitivity settings in windows changes the dpi of your mouse to acheive lower/higher mouse...
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    6800 unlock = dead card?

    I have heard that unlocking the extra pipelines on a 6800nu can cause the card to die randomly a little while later even if i get no artifacting. Is this true? I dont want the cards life to be shortened if this is the case. Thanks.
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    Forceware 80.40

    Has anyone tried them? If so what are your results. Available at Link
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    7800's on Newegg!

    XFX, Leadtek, and EVGA All in stock and at msrp. :D
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    Best 940 mobo/ram for limited budget

    A few months ago I happened on a deal I couldn't pass up, an engineering sample Opteron Model 242 for $50. I'm now looking for a mobo and ram to back it up. I need something with overclocking potential because it would just be a shame to pass up ocing an unlocked chip. What are your...