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    Interesting Optiplex 7040 deal on Ebay

    Dell OptiPlex 7040 Mini Tower Intel 6th Gen i7-6700 8GB RAM 512GB SSD nVidia 4GB I7-6700 500GB NVMe SSD 4GB GTX745 8GB ram (64GB max) 3yr warranty $880 - the Proc and 500GB NVMe drive alone are $600ish. Half tempted to replace my aging i7-2600 rig and swap video cards.
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    Has anyone else gotten a mispackaged Crucial SSD?

    Ordered a 128GB Crucial M550 for a client, and got a bit of a shock when it showed up in the BIOS as a 1TB drive. I didn't pay attention to the physical drive at first, but it's marked as a 1TB also. Was in a factory sealed 128GB box shipped from Amazon via Prime, so I'm sure it's legit. Has...
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    Anyone deal in Aerohive?

    I got an AP320 given to me, and it seems that they are either cloud managed like Meraki or local controller managed only? Is that correct?
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    Centrally managed Drive encryption

    Who's using what? I've got smaller 30+ user insurance broker that's never wanted to entertain the ides of this until a recent laptop theft. Now that we've got motivation, I want to reexamine options before I quote anything as it's been a while since my last FDE project. Roughly 15 laptops...
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    Anyone demo'd Simplivity yet?

    My company was approached about being a partner and I'm curious what other forum members may have experienced. It seems like datacenter-in-a-box similar to the Nutanix conncept. Anyone demo them yet? Thoughts?
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    Word Doc corruption using Tracked Changes between PC and Mac?

    Any one ever run into this one? I've got a client (Law Firm) that uses the TrackChanges functionality in Office 2010 for PC and Office 2011 for Mac. The Attorney uses a Mac and the assistant is on PC. This issue has occurred for 4 separate documents now, from old Docs used as templates for...
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    Quanta Open Source Switch Q's

    I've seen multiple references on the [H] to the Open Source Quanta switches on fleabay. Has anyone actually used one? I'm interested specifically in both the potential iSCSI performance as well as the 10GbE capabilities The specs don't specify buffer size, latency, SFP+ compatibility, etc...
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    LeftHand StoreVirtual as Datastore performance?

    Anyone here using any physical LeftHand stuff as iSCSI datastores? Seeing a peculiar issue as we are asked to build and integrate a fresh 5.1 environment into a LeftHand SAN consisting of 4 nodes, a pair of older P4500G2s and a pair newer P4530s. 10GbE connectivity all around between the nodes...
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    Xyratex F5402 FC Array

    Has anyone here ever worked with one of these? It's a 12 bay SAS/SATA shelf with a pair of 4Gb FC Raid controllers. As Xyratex is one of the common OEMs for Big SANs I'm not scared of reliability. However, I'd be getting it second-hand and I'd expect support to be nil. I've found a boat load...
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    Barracuda Appliance problems?

    Anyone "work on" (tweak) Barracuda stuff before? I snagged a Message Archiver 350 on Fleabay for dirt cheap with the intent to refurb it and donate to a local school district. Based on my research, it should have been as simple as a "full re-image" and then login. The problem is that the web...
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    Internal SAS Expander that is NOT PCI-E powered?

    I picked up one of the Dell FS12 2u, 12slot servers for a song and a dance. The server is a rebranded Gigabyte with 3x SFF8484 connectors on the backplane and only 2 PCI-E slots, currently occupied by a pair of PERC6/I controllers. 2x sff8484 to the top controller and 1 to the bottom...
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    Promise M500i

    X-Post from Storage/SSD Forum as my specific application relates to Virtualization. Anyone have any experience with any of these in a VMware environment? There's a bunch on Fleabay for a song and a dance. Some with a full load of 750s for cheap as well. My experience has been more with...
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    Promise M500i

    Anyone have any experience with any of these? There's a bunch on Fleabay for a song and a dance. Some with a full load of 750s for cheap as well. My experience has been more with QNAP/Synology and Equallogic/LeftHand markets. Haven't touched any promise stuff sonce their 1st gen IDE RAID...
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    EBAY: Dell R610 Server 2xQC Xeon X5647 2.93Ghz w/ Dell 24x7 4hr Warr until 2015!!

    EBAY LINK Ends: Jul 15, 2013 09:00:44 PDT DELL R610 1U Rackmount Server 2x Intel Xeon X5647 Quad Core CPU at 2.93GHz (Max Turbo to 3.2GHz) 8GB (4 x 2GB) DDR3 ECC Registered RAM 2 x 36GB 10k SAS HDD in RAID1 (Original 146GB’s are not included) Max of 6 x 2.5" SAS/SATA drives DVD...
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    Any Juniper people?

    I've got an SSG5 for a client that has 2 internet connections on Interfaces 0/0 (T1) and 0/1 (Comcast Cable). Internally, I have a bgroup0/0 (Internal PC LAN), and Interface 0/2 (Voice LAN). Along with this there are 3 IPSEC tunnels and good routing between everything. I have multiple VIP...
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    2008 R2 Hyper-V network issues with VM?

    I've got a client with a new Dell R720 running 2008 R2 Standard with the Hyper-V Rolle installed running 3 VMs, an old 2003 R2 VM, an 2008 Flat 32bit VM and a 2008 R2 VM. The 2003 R2 and the 2008 Flat VM were migrated from another box with the implementation of the new server. the 2008 R2 VM...
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    PSA: Exchange 2013 CU1 finally dropped

    Exchange Team Blog Announcement Cumlative Update 1 adds a metric ton of bug fixes as well as debuting coexistance with Exchange 2010 SP3 and Exchange 2007 SP3U10. We'll have to see if it adds enough, or I will be down transitioning back to Exchange 2010.
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    Meridian phone systems and conference phones?

    Anyone work with Meridian phone systems? Got a client with one and he wants to add a conference phone (they like the Polycom Soundstation style) Will the Meridian systems provide normal dialtone like a Partner II/ACS system?
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    Any Juniper people in here? I need some SSG5 help

    I have a client with an existing site-to-site VPN using a pair of SSG5s, one in their local office and the other in a DataCenter in Chicago protecting a few Servers. What I need to do now is add another VPN leg from the Main office to a new bidding office in another city. The problem stems...
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    Any pros in Cinci?

    Got a friend that took over management of a hotel in Cincinatti, and was telling me about the questionable Wifi installed there. I'm looking for someone local to Cinci to refer him to. At this point, I don't know what kind of purchasing authority he's got or the budget he's got to work with...
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    What are you guys using to Image Windows 7 x64?

    The last time I got deep into imaging was in the XP / Ghost days, and had it down to a science. Now that Windows 7 and x64 is here, I understand that older mentality doesn't cut it anymore. I've done some preliminary research down WDS and WIM images, is that the reccomended path at this point...
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    Windows 7 FW GPOs after SBS2003 to SBS2011 migration?

    I've got a client that I'm finishing up an SBS2003 to SBS2001 migration on. They have a few Windows 7 boxes that they integrated prior to my involvement that now show up with explicit Remote Management, and RDP port block rules in the firewall. These blocking rules are "managed by the system...
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    Equallogic PS100E SAN 14 x 250GB iSCSI - $2,750 BIN

    I have an Equallogic PS100E that was originally used as a sales demo unit and refurbed by me (I work for an equallogic dealer). This array is 14 x 250GB SATA II Drives totalling 3.5TB RAW. It supports RAID 10 (1.5TB), 5 (2.63TB), 50 (2.18TB), and 6 (2.19TB). This unit comes with a single...
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    Anyone ever heard an HDD "beep" before?

    I've got a user with a Dell M4400 Laptop with a WD Scorpio Black 250GB HDD that beeps. Upon closer inspection, It looks like the bearings are creating a squeal at the right pitch and duration that sounds like a beep. Bizarre. I'll try and post a vid of it later.
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    Good 7" Android Tablet w/ rear cam?

    I've been looking for a 7" Android tablet for a while for business purposes. i.e. Email, time tracking, documentation, etc. Given the documentation requirement, I need a good rear cam. I've seen the Acer's, and wasn't impressed, and the new 7" version is w/o rear cam. The Sammy Galaxy seems...
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    Comcast Email - Some humor for the geeks out there.

    So I'm working on migrating a customer over to comcast's Hosted Exchange platform. Doing some final testing before taking them live, I naturally try some telnet SMTP magic to verify correct mail flow before making the DNS changes. In my haste, I send command out of order. I've never been...
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    Citrix Access issues via RDS on 2008 R2?

    Anyone that manages an RDS/TS farm ever see and issue with Citrix Access Gateways? I've got a medical client that accesses Citrix farms at 2 different hospital systems. One Citrix login page ALWAYS comes up fine w/o issue. The other one is slow to respond and displays as a blank white page for...
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    Reset IE Settings via Script or GPO?

    I manage a terminal server environment where users log in for an application and also have Citrix access through this session. I have disabled ESC, but have found that I need to reset IE settings for each user for that to take effect. How do I script this for new users? I did some quick...
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    Anyone have a source for quanties of older HDD's?

    I have an older Equallogic SAN with a bunch of dead drives. I have done some replacing of 3rd party drives in the these in the past, and am wondering if anyone has any sources for some older/smaller capacity drives. I'm looking for some ST3500320NS drives. I don't need any help or advice on...
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    Tangent Vertex VDI?

    Has anyone played with any of the Tangent Vertex VDI-in-a-box stuff? Had a rep hit me out of the blue, yesterday. Seems a bit too simplistic to me... Any thoughts? Link
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    Exchange 2010-user mailbox not receiving new mail

    Scenario: User calls and says a VIP is not getting any new email. So I send a test email, and log into OWA with user's account and watch, sure enough, doesn't come in. Check Tracking Logs, test emails recieved and delivered. Check options, no oddball delivery redirections or interruptions...
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    Looking at replaceing my venerable Pix506E, Suggestions?

    Right now here's a description of my WAN. I have a T1 for net access at the main office connected to the PIX506E with 11 VPN'd remote locations running either Cable or DSL and Linksys RV082 or BEFVP41 (until they all die) routers. Right now it's been pretty damn bulletproof for about 2...
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    Endian Spam Filter Settings?

    What settings are you guys finding work best for filtering out spam? i.e. which blocklists, threshhold settings, etc... Mine's runing just looking for some experience fine-tuning :D THANKS!
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    Are there any Sybase ASA experts present?

    I'm not sure if this should go in Web/Prog or here. I've got a DB application using Sybase ASA 6.03 as the platform. Anyone know of any DB defragmentation utilities or any tweaks on the datebase side of things? The vendor supporting the app is useless. Is ASA 6 as limited in the hardware...
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    QoS thru VPN in one box w/o the Cisco Price tag?

    I'm looking to introduce QoS on my VPN WAN without necessarilly stepping up to the Cisco pricetag yet. Because, for me It'll be the cost of product AND configuration time, as my Cisco CLI knowledge has slipped more than a bit in recent years. At present, I'm using a PIX506E as the hub for...
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    Routing between VPN's on a Cisco Pix506E?

    Hwody, I've got a T1 to my office with a Pix506E running firewall duties. Our VPN network topology is hub and spoke with the Office being the hub and 11 spokes with IPSEC VPN's to some linksys BEFVP41 routers. We also have 8 users randomly using the Cisco Software VPN client as well. I need...
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    Go Daddy Dedicated Servers?

    I see that Godaddy is now offering Dedicated Server rental... Anyone have any experience with them yet? I have a few already with Server Matrix, but, I'm looking to expand and last I saw SM doesn't have any servers open. Who's talked with Godaddy about their dedicated servers?
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    Replacement for problem-child X1000?

    Howdy people, My Compaq X1000 is suffering from a model-common vid-card failure problem. Time to move on after 3 years. Any one have any thoughts on a replacement UNDER $1600-1700? What I loved about the X1000: 15.4 SXGA+ 1" thin 4hr Batt. life dedicated video card ( Only an ATI 9000...
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    Cisco 804 Router?

    I've got an old Cisco 804 Router with built in IDSN. Any one know if it's possible to use this with using one of the ethernet ports as a WAN side? I'm guessing so, but I'm not a cisco guy... THANKS in advance!
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    Hardware AntiSpam/AntiVirus options?

    I'm looking for comments on a hardware solution for Spam and AntiVirus, primarily because I'm forced to continue to run Exchange 5.5 still... :rolleyes: . I've read quite a bit about the Baracuda boxes and know that they've got an excellent reputation. I've also seen a bunch about trimMail...